anita strasser


Tanec Praha (Czech Republic)

Dance projects (Synthesis - beach rehearsal)

Laiks Dejot (Latvia)

Around the year 2000 I got really interested in contemporary dance. I had initially started my photographic trajectory with nude photography and my interest in capturing dance movements seemed a natural progression. I first gained experience with drama students at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2001 before collaborating with the Ponec Theatre – a contemporary dance theatre in Prague – after moving there in 2002. By working closely with dancers, getting insights into their pieces, their practices and their roles, as well as being present backstage and during rehearsals, I developed a deeper relationship with the people and the dance pieces I was photographing. My deep engagement was felt to be visible in the images I took and resulted in me documenting a whole season in the Ponec (2003/04), followed by an exhibition at the theatre. After moving to Riga in 2004, I got involved with the contemporary art scene there, covering a whole season (2004/05) at a Latvian dance theatre. This led to collaborations with the Olga Zitluhina Dance Company, the research project Synthesis of Dance and Movement and CW, documenting every stage of these projects, which can be viewed individually here. The work was also exhibited in Riga and the UK. Through these projects and by photographing on film with camera on tripod, which necessitated full concentration, I got very immersed, feeling as if part of the pieces and performances. After I left Riga for Spain and then Slovenia, my photographic journey took a turn and I became more interested in documenting city life. But as with all my work, immersive engagement is key.